Hybrid System Powers Remote Fish Counting Technology

location_on Northern Vancouver Island, BC

Project: Hybrid Power System

Customer: Tlowitsis First Nation

Location: Northern Vancouver Island, BC

Remote Power Case Study

Ensol’s solar/fuel cell hybrid system powers remote fish counting technology for the Tlowitsis First Nation.

Tlowitsis First Nation

The Tlowitsis are a British Columbia First Nation of about 450 registered citizens. Their traditional territories span the coastal area of northern Vancouver Island, Johnstone Strait and adjacent mainland inlets. The Tlowitsis occupied numerous sites throughout these lands. Most of their citizens live in communities on Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland.
The implementation of a fish counting fence to gain insight into the sockeye salmon population is part of a larger project aimed to reacquaint the Tlowitsis Nation with a part of their Traditional territory of Port Neville and the Fulmore Area.

Learn more about the Tlowitsis First Nation:

Project Overview

The fish counting fence utilized a camera, lights, and a computer to run the software and record the video. Reliability and power balance were key as this site is very remote and would need to operate for 7 – 10 days at a time without being visited or monitored. The Ensol team worked with theTlowitsis First Nation to develop a power solution that would meet the exact needs. The fence was operational for 86 days from the middle of May to the middle of August and operated seamlessly with no maintenance or troubleshooting of the power component required.

At A Glance


  • Remote location, limited access
  • Must be easily transportable
  • Power requirements ~60W
  • Environmentally sensitive area
  • 100% reliability and uptime required for the project duration


  • 150W solar,110W EFOY Pro fuel cell
  • Small footprint custom design
  • Provided 100% uptime and reliability
  • Clean and quiet operation
  • 56L methanol for 86 days operation.

The Impact

From the operation of the fence, the Nation gained invaluable information about the Sockeye salmon population that exists in the FulmoreWatershed. This information will be utilized in the future for the Tlowitsis to inform management, utilization and conservation decisions of this resource.

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“The Ensol power system was a key component that resulted in the successful running of the first year of this program. The Tlowitsis are excited to continue to run the fence for years to come.” – Tlowitsis Council



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