ToughEye™ Cameras

ToughEye™ Cameras


Ensol Systems is proud to be a distributor and exclusive custom package integrator of ToughEye™ Cameras, a self-cleaning optical sensor that is effective against abrasive dust, mud and grease without requiring any water, detergents, pumps, tanks or hoses. ToughEye™ is easy to install as a camera or LIDAR sensor and only requires electricity and a data connection. These rugged cameras can operate in the coldest and hottest places on earth as well as under conditions of high vibration and shock. No maintenance is required for the life of the camera reducing downtime and the need for in-situ visual inspections.

The camera self-cleans using a patented technology, similar to the blink of an eye, without requiring any water or detergents against abrasive dust, mud, and grease. Sensors detect contamination and the camera withdraws into its sleeve, re-emerging clean. ToughEye’s™ reliability and effectiveness has led to its use in a range of industries including mining, material handling terminals, forestry and manufacturing in Canada, USA, Australia and South Africa. The applications range from autonomous haul truck vision to material transfer points and mining drills.

ToughEye™ self-cleaning cameras deliver uninterrupted, high-quality, high-integrity data capture and input critical to any mining or mining automation project. The goal is to ensure that data captured initially (images, LIDAR, etc.) is of the highest quality to ensure the highest possible data quality for downstream applications.


​As a full service facility with extensive experience deploying remote power systems in harsh climates, we can design and deploy turnkey engineered power solutions to meet your most challenging requirements. Our trained and experienced technicians are available to assist with commissioning and field service.

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