Ensol / Chartis DEX-1

Remote Autonomous Drone System

Developed in partnership between Ensol Systems and Chartis Remote Sensing Solutions, the DEX-1 Remote Autonomous Drone System brings together best-in-class technology to offer a complete system that can be deployed for months, even years at a time.

serious horsepower

Integrated edge computing and remote communications technology allow drone sensor data to be transmitted remotely where it can be used to support inspections, troubleshooting, progress reporting, emergency response, and more. Dramatically reduces steps to data access.

clean power for years

Powered by Ensol’s hybrid solar/fuel cell/wind system and charged through automated wireless recharging, drones can be remotely operated for months, even years at a time, dramatically reducing operating costs, technician exposure hours, and providing real value through drone sensor data.

endless applications

  • Pipeline/Utility ROW
  • Surveys & Inspections
  • Volumetric Measurements
  • Leak Detection and Emissions Monitoring
  • Construction Progress Monitoring
  • Agriculture and Wildlife Monitoring

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