EFOY Pro Fuel Cell Accessories

EFOY Pro Fuel Cell Accessories


EFOY Pro Fuel Cell Accessories are an integral part of the EFOY Pro System.

Methanol Fuel Cartridges

The Methanol Fuel Cartridges are specifically designed for the EFOY Pro and contain ultra pure methanol. Cartridges are safety tested, spill proof and easy to exchange and transport.

Fuel CartridgesM5M10M28MT60
Capacity5 L10 L28 L60 L
Weight4.3 kg8.4 kg23.4 kg55 kg
Electrical Nominal Capacity5.5 kWh11.1 kWh31.1 kWh66 kWh
Dimensions (L x W x H) in cm19 x 15 x 2823 x 19 x 3237 x 29 x 4034 x 39 x 67
Autonomy @ 50 W110 hrs220 hrs622 hrs1,320 hrs

M28 Adapter

This adapter is required to connect the fuel cell to the M28 fuel cartridge.


The DuoCartSwitch is used to operate two methanol cartridges with one EFOY Pro fuel cell. The switching valve turns automatically from the operating cartridge to the reserve cartridge.

Service Fluid

Service Fluid may be required if your EFOY Pro has been stored for extended periods or if it has overheated.

Fuel Cartridge Sensor

This sensor monitors the level of the fuel cartridge and indicates if the fuel level drops below the position where the sensor is positioned giving the user time to change the cartridge before it is empty.

Cluster Controller

The cluster controller gives the possibility to operate up to five units in parallel, ensuring each EFOY Pro runs simultaneously with the others.

GSM Modem

The GSM Modem is used for remote monitoring the EFOY Pro fuel cell. It can log data, email and SMS error warnings (i.e. low fuel) and allow the user to change set point parameters from anywhere.

USB Adapter

The USB Adapter is needed to connect the EFOY Pro fuel cell to a PC via USB-port.

Interface Adapter

Connect a computer to an EFOY Pro fuel cell with an Interface Adapter and a data line. This will allow you to retrieve information, modify operating parameters and operate the EFOY unit.

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