Ensol Systems Adds ToughEye™ Cameras to Products

Tuesday, January 14, 2020
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Ensol Systems Adds ToughEye™ Cameras to Products – January 14, 2020 – Surrey, BC, Canada

Ensol Systems Inc. is proud to announce their partnership with ExcelSense Technologies who designs and manufactures purpose-built self-cleaning optical sensors for machine vision and surveillance in dirty and harsh industrial environments. Ensol is excited to become a distributor and exclusive custom package integrator of their ToughEye™ cameras for remote power systems.

ToughEye™ is a self-cleaning camera which can operate in dirty, oily, wet and dusty environments continuously. The camera self-cleans using a patented technology, similar to the blink of an eye, without requiring any water or detergents against abrasive dust, mud and grease. Its reliability and effectiveness has led to ToughEye™ being used in 14 unique categories of applications in mining, material handling terminals, forestry and manufacturing in Canada, USA, Australia and South Africa. The applications range from autonomous/regular haul truck vision to material transfer points and mining drills.

Existing solutions fail to alleviate the vulnerability of cameras to extremely dirty environments, leading to the poor performance of even the best designed monitoring systems. With ToughEye™, no maintenance is required for the life of the camera. There is no requirement for fluid tanks, hoses, pumps or nozzles, reducing maintenance and points of failure. In addition to its revolutionary self-cleaning lens, ToughEye™ can operate in the coldest and hottest places on earth as well as under conditions of high vibration and shock.

“With the push towards industrial automation, we see an increasing need for remote cameras and sensors in rugged industrial environments. The challenge has always been that sensors deployed in dirty environments required frequent human intervention, limiting their usability. The ToughEye™ is truly a first of its kind technology and has been designed specifically to address this issue,” says Jim Brasset, Ensol Systems. “We’ve seen the positive impact it’s had at Teck’s Greenhills operation where now every haul truck is equipped with a ToughEye™ camera. We believe the ToughEye™ will quickly become a critical component of industrial automation projects and we’re excited to work with ExcelSense to bring this solution to a wider market.”

“We are excited to see such a strong alignment between Ensol’s and ExcelSense’s missions, which is about ensuring operational visibility without adding the burden of additional regular maintenance or external infrastructure. Ensol’s remote power stations provide reliable power for months without maintenance; the value to the customer can only be maximized when Ensol’s solution is paired with a maintenance-free sensor,” says Nima Nabavi, ExcelSense Technologies. “Leveraging the strong industry presence and proven track record of Ensol will help to expand the reach of ToughEye™, elevating the reliability of industrial automation.”

About ExcelSense:
ExcelSense Technologies designs and manufactures purpose-built self-cleaning optical sensors such as cameras, LIDARs, and photoeyes for machine vision, surveillance and process monitoring in dirty and harsh industrial environments. Our products are specifically designed for conditions where they are exposed to repeated contamination, temperature variations and weather elements. Our goal is to help our customers extend the reach of industrial vision past the barriers of harsh conditions, often found in heavy industrial applications.

ExcelSense Technologies Corp.
105-8337 Eastlake Drive
Burnaby, BC V5A 4W2

About Ensol Systems:
Ensol Systems specializes in designing and building rugged and reliable power, communications and surveillance systems that are field proven and purpose-built for the most challenging off-grid industrial locations. With a particular focus on using clean power systems such as solar, fuel cells and wind power, Ensol builds fully integrated packages that can run for months and years unattended for the most remote applications.

Ensol Systems Inc.
19131 33 Ave
Surrey, BC V3Z 1A1

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