EFOY Pro General Information
What is a fuel cell?
A fuel cell is a galvanic cell that converts the energy created by the chemical reaction between a constant stream of fuel and an oxidant into electrical energy. The underlying principle is an electrochemical process that is also known as "cold combustion". It is in principle the reversal of electrolysis. A fuel cell is not an energy store but a converter that generates electricity. The energy required to produce electricity comes from the fuel.
Why do I need an EFOY Pro fuel cell?
The EFOY Pro fuel cell is a fully automated battery charger that is quiet, simple and environmentally friendly, operating as a power generator in regions where no grid connection is available, but a high power demand is needed. In off-grid industrial applications, that are not connected to the grid, the EFOY Pro fuel cell delivers reliable energy, in every weather condition - for instrumentation, remote sensors, security and surveillance, etc.
How does the EFOY Pro fuel cell work?
The EFOY Pro fuel cell converts the fuel in the fuel cartridge direct into electrical current, with byproducts of heat, water and CO2 in amounts of less than a human breathing. Thanks to this direct conversion, which is performed with no moving parts, completely silently and without creating any pollutants, the fuel cell is extremely efficient, clean and environmentally friendly.
What voltage does the EFOY Pro operate at?
The EFOY Pro fuel cell operates and either 12VDC or 24VDC. The EFOY Pro will auto detect the voltage of the battery bank it is connected to, and will charge accordingly. For 120VAC, an inverter can be installed into the system.
Can I use the EFOY Pro fuel cell in hybrid operation with a solar energy system?
Yes. This is actually a very efficient scenario. The fuel cell switches on automatically when there is insufficient sun available for the solar energy system. Ensol can plan and implement your project requirements.
How many fuel cells are in use?
As of 2012, over 24,000 EFOY fuel cells have been sold globally.
Can I connect more than one EFOY Pro fuel cell to a battery, to get a higher power output?
Yes, you can operate more units at one battery. For this application you should connect a Cluster Controller, which ensures an equal operation of all units.
Do I need an additional charge controller for an EFOY Pro fuel cell?
No. The EFOY Pro incorporates its own charge controller.
What types of battery can I charge with an EFOY Pro fuel cell?
An EFOY Pro fuel cell is an automatic charger for 12 V and 24V lead-gel, glass-mat, AGM or lead-acid batteries. The EFOY Pro automatically detects the battery and adjusts the switch-on and switch-off voltage to the battery voltage.
Is it possible to adjust the switch-on/switch-off thresholds?
Yes. All EFO Y Pro fuel cells allow the switch thresholds to be adjusted via the Interface Adapter and the Hyperterminal.
How much waste heat is produced?
The level of waste heat depends on the ambient temperature, which is why there is no simple answer to the question. The heat (measured in watts) is approximately three times as high as the electrical energy (rated power) generated by the unit. For example, an EFOY Pro 2200 fuel cell produces approximately 270 W of heat.
What exhaust gases does an EFOY Pro fuel cell produce?
It produces very small quantities of water and carbon dioxide. The technology meets California's strict zero-emission requirements. The fuel cell produces as much spent air at peak load as a child does.
Does the exhaust air contain just water and CO2?
The exhaust air may also contain traces of methanol and methanol-based waste products. The quantities and concentration of these are below the legal thresholds. IMPORTANT: Always expel exhaust air into the open. Inhaling the exhaust air or drinking the water may be harmful to your health. The exhaust air contains no CO (carbon monoxide) or NOx (nitrogen oxide)
Can an EFOY Pro fuel cell also be remotely monitored?
Yes, remote monitoring is possible with a GSM Modem. Please send us and email with your project details: [email protected].
What safety standards does the EFOY Pro fuel cell meet?
Ensol Systems has worked closely with CSA to ensure that the EFOY Pro is certified in all our packages.
Installation Temperature
What is the temperature range in which Ensol’s fuel cell packages operate?
The EFOY Pro can operate at -20°C on its own, but Ensol Systems has integrated the fuel cell into engineered packages, which allow the EFOY Pro to operate in ambient temperatures as low as -40°C.
How does the EFOY Pro frost protection mode work?
The fuel cell has an intelligent automatic frost-protection mechanism. It keeps itself warm when temperatures fall below 3 °C when it is connected to a functioning battery and has a supply of fuel.
How much fuel does the frost protection mode consume?
The fuel cell requires approx. 5-10 litres of methanol for dedicated frost protection mode during a five-month winter period.
What must I do if the fuel cell freezes?
If the fuel cell freezes despite all precautions, switch it off and allow it to thaw  in a warm environment over a period of approx. 24 hours before putting it into operation. Please note that a fuel cell's efficiency may decrease or may require servicing when allowed to freeze repeatedly.
Methanol Fuel Cartridge / Consumption
Where can I buy a methanol fuel cartridge?
Ensol Systems has the largest stock of methanol fuel cartridges in Canada, stored at our home location in Surrey, BC. Inquiries can be sent to [email protected].
How much fuel does the unit consume?
Consumption depends on the electrical appliances. Consumption is currently around 0.9 l per kilowatt hour.
Is consumption lower for smaller fuel cells?
No. Consumption is dependent on the electrical power consumed in kWh. It is only daily consumption that depends on the maximum output of the fuel cell.
How long does an M10 or M28 fuel cartridge last on average?
Assuming an average load of 20 Watts, running 24 hours per day without any solar or external power source:
  • one M28 will last approx. 65 days and
  • one M10 will last approx. 23 days
Is it possible to connect more than one fuel cartridge to one EFOY Pro fuel cell?
Yes, we offer the DuoCartSwitch as optional accessory. Using the DuoCart Switch you can connect a second fuel cartridge to your EFOY Pro. For more information please refer to the User Manual for the DuoCart Switch or send a request to: [email protected]
What certifications have EFOY fuel cartridges gained?
All EFOY fuel cartridges are TÜV-GS safety-tested and certified. EFOY fuel cartridges were designed to meet the highest safety requirements from the very beginning. Fuel cartridges are also approved and labelled for road, sea and air transport.
Why is it not possible to refill the fuel cartridges (either myself or through a third party)?
The law stipulates that EFOY fuel cartridges may only be sold in sealed containers for safety reasons. The EFOY Pro also requires Ultra Pure methanol, which could be contaminated if not refilled properly.
Do fuel cartridges have an expiration date?
There is a label on the back of every fuel cartridge indicating its use-by date. Shelf life is generally 3-4 years. IMPORTANT: Using a cartridge after its 'use-by date', can damage the fuel cell and also decays the warranty.
Why use methanol and not gas or some other form of fuel?
This technology does not require the fuel to be converted into hydrogen in a very complex and elaborate process as is the case with e.g. propane or butane gas. A further advantage is the high energy density of methanol and the use of fuel cartridges as means of storage. One M10 cartridge weighs only 8.4 kg and provides a capacity of 920 Ah (which corresponds to more than 250 kg of lead batteries).
Where can I buy an Ensol Systems’ products?
Ensol Systems is located in Surrey, BC, Canada. Inquiries can be sent to [email protected].
Where can I buy a methanol fuel cartridge?
Ensol Systems has the largest stock of methanol fuel cartridges in Canada, stored at our home location in Surrey, BC. Inquiries can be sent to [email protected].
How much does an EFOY Pro fuel cell cost?
Pricing can be quoted for inquiries sent to [email protected].
Warranty / Repair
Do Ensol Systems products have warranty?
Yes. Ensol warranties all components of their packages for 1 year from date of purchase. EFOY Pro fuel cells however, maintain the manufacturer warranty of 1 year or 3000 operating hours.
What does my error mean?
The Remote will give a description for some of the errors, but for further explanation, see the Error Sheet. For further help, contact [email protected].
Can an EFOY Pro fuel cell be repaired if it is defective?
Yes. For repairs contact [email protected].
Why should I perform a regular Firmware Update?
A new update is not essential, but fuel cells are being continuously improved and you are welcome to benefit from this. Firmware updates can be done yourself via the Updater Tool or the Interface Adapter. Firmware revisions can be found in the Support section.
Why do I need service fluid? What is it exactly?
Service fluid is delivered with your EFOY Pro fuel cell. Thanks to SFC's patented water recovery system, fluid is recovered in a closed circuit. Over a long period of operation with high external temperatures a part of this fluid may evaporate, and the fuel cell will indicate that it requires service fluid. It is recommended to always have a bottle with you. Never fill up more than one bottle, and only when the fuel cell indicates that it really needs it (via the Remote).