Solar & Accessories

Solar Panel 3

Solar Panels

We carry a wide range of solar panels from 20Watts to 300Watts, polycrystalline to monocystalline, general purpose to hazardous rated. We even carry flexible solar panels.


Solar Mounts

Whether you want your solar array pole mounted, wall mounted, roof mounted or ground mounted, we supply mounting brackets for many applications and can even customize brackets for your installation.

Charge Controller 2

Charge Controllers

Charge controllers are essential in maintaining your battery bank. They prevent overcharging and some even prevent over discharging. Let us help you choose the correct one.



We carry AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) batteries to store your energy during cloudy days and night time. They are leak/spill proof, do not out gas when charging, and have superior performance.


Battery Enclosures

To protect your batteries from the harshest weather conditions, install them in an enclosure. Whether it is insulated, ventilated, or even NEMA rated, we will help you choose a suitable enclosure.