Remote Power

Improve Performance &  Reliability, Reduce Maintenance & Costs

Ensol Systems provides a complete, maintenance-free off grid power supply solution. Our mobile trailers are IP66 rated for -40°C and are available in solar, fuel cell, or hybrid configurations.

Various applications including:

• Oil & Gas – Cathodic Protection, SCADA & Instrumentation, Chemical Injection Pumps, Valve Actuation
• Telecom & Radio – Off-grid Microwave and Broadband Repeater Stations, Radio Transmitters, Cellular Base Stations
• Rail – Signaling and Control
• Environmental Monitoring – LIDAR, SODAR, Meteorology Stations
• Mining & Construction – Lighting, Surveillance

Our Mobile Trailers are fully customizable, or you can choose an existing design such as:

Hybrid Video Surveillance Trailer
The Hybrid Video Trailer minimizes losses due to theft or vandalism. Designed for construction site surveillance or monitoring, law enforcement, safety training, investigations, private security and parking lot security, its cameras put you onsite, from wherever you are.

Ensol Systems’ mobile video surveillance trailers are Canadian built and designed to outlast any rugged conditions they are deployed in. The hot dipped, galvanized steel trailers include PTZ dome cameras, thermal imaging cameras, cellular communications, on-board video server, DVR or SD storage, custom mast toppers, solar, fuel cell, smart diesel, 30 ft deployable masts, and electric winches.

Hybrid Video Trailer Brochure

Hybrid Communication Tower Trailer
Ensol Systems’ Hybrid Communication Trailers are designed to thrive in the harshest climates Canada has to offer. Capable of being equipped with solar and/or intelligent fuel cell technology, our trailers are intended to remain autonomous for months on end. By utilizing our trailers, your efforts will help reduce costs and emissions drastically. Towers are available in heights ranging from 30-150 ft.

With any of the mobile communications trailers, we can customize the telescoping tower to adjust to any height between 29 and 150 feet and up to 125 mph wind speed, thus creating maximum versatility. Regardless of height, all of the portable towers require minimal time to deploy which allows a rapid response time. The telescoping towers feature redundant aircraft-strength lifting cables, that qualify them as the safest product of their type on the market. All mobile tower trailers come with electric brakes and satisfy all Department of Transportation requirements.

Hybrid Light Trailer
Completely eliminate emissions, noise and excessive fueling costs. Ensol’s Hybrid Light Trailer provides brilliant white light utilizing efficient LED technology. At 85% less energy, with a 50,000 hour lifespan and the ability to instantly startup at -40° C, LED’s have a clear advantage over conventional lighting. By utilizing efficient LED’s, solar energy when available and methanol fuel cells, daily re-fueling will be a thing of the past.

Solar-only  Trailers
Our trailers are also available in solar-only options and are the perfect solution for applications including communications, video surveillance, traffic management, asset protection, emergency response and investigative support.

Check out some of our recent projects:

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