Communication Trailers


Hybrid Communication Trailer

Ensol Systems’ communication trailers are designed to thrive in the harshest climates Canada has to offer. Capable of being equipped with Solar and/or intelligent fuel cell technology, our trailers are intended to remain autonomous for months on end. By utilizing our trailers, your efforts will help reduce costs and emissions drastically.


Mobile Comms Tower

Mobile Communication Tower Trailer

With any of the mobile communications trailers, we can customize the telescoping tower to adjust to any height between 29 feet and 150 feet and from zero to 125 mph wind speed, thus creating maximum versatility. Regardless of height, all of the portable towers require minimal time to deploy which allows a rapid response time.

The telescoping towers have many features, including redundant aircraft-strength lifting cables, that qualify them as the safest product of their type on the market. All mobile tower trailers come with electric brakes and satisfy all Department of Transportation requirements.

Tower Heights Available:
30 ft.   45 ft.   60 ft.   85 ft.   106 ft.   120 ft.   150 ft.

Solar-only Communication Tower Trailer
Our trailers are also available in solar-only options and are the perfect solution for applications including communications, video surveillance, traffic management, asset protection, emergency response and investigative support.

Ensol Systems uses Alltech Communications self guying mobile communications towers. For more information about Alltech Communications, please visit