Air Compressor
Enclosure Dimension 1.78 x 1.32 x 1.38 meter
Max Air Delivery @ 690 kPa (100psi) 166 L/min
Max Working Pressure 964 kPa (140 psi)
Max Working RPM 1000 RPM
Sheave Size 10″
Recommended Oil Mobil SHC 524 Low Temp Hydraulic Oil
Type of Drive V-belt A48
Motor HP 3/4 HP
Motor RPM 1800 RPM
Motor Nominal Voltage 24 VDC
Motor Full Load Amps 29 Amps
Motor Frame/Enclosure 56C / TENV
Motor Sheave Size 4.5″


Methanol Fuel Cell (x2) EFOY PRO 2200
Fuel Cell Power Output 90 Watt Each (2160Watt-hrs/day)
Solar Panels (x6) Sharp NU-U235F2
Solar Power 235 Watt (1410 Watts total)
Solar Charge Controller Tristar MPPT 60Amp
Battery (x8) Power Sonic AGM Model PSG-121000
Battery Spec 12VDC 100Ahr


Max Air Delivery @ 690kPag 1 20 L/min (0.7 SCFM)
Air Delivery @ 690kPag (100psig) 10 L/min (0.35 SFCM)
Annual Fuel Consumption1 159 Litres
Annual Fuel Cost1 $1,220
Annual Fuel Cell Operating Hours1 491 Hours

1 Estimations based on solar insolation and daylight hour values for Fort St. John, BC, Canada.