oorja-model-t1 double

Improve Productivity,  Increase Performance, Reduce Operating Costs & Emissions

The Oorja Model T-1 is a liquid fuel cell that operates as a battery charger for a wide variety of stationary applications, including wireless base stations. The Model T-1 allows existing batteries to extend their length of service during power outages at a lower cost than with other options. Refueling infrastructure takes little space and is inexpensive and safe because the fuel is a common industrial liquid, methanol, which reduces CO2 emissions by 30 to 60 percent.

With improved productivity, increased performance, reduced operating costs, and a clean and safe fueling solution, the Oorja Model T-1 typically offers timely return on investment while providing full grid independence.

Various Applications

Cathodic Protection  •  Scada Systems

Chemical Detection Systems  •  Chemical Injection Pumps

Remote Surveillance Systems  •  Cellular Base Stations

Microwave Repeater Stations  •  Sodar / Lidar Systems

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Gross Power 1.5 kW
Net Power 1.1 kW
Voltage Range 24V; 48V
Fuel Tank Capacity 12 to 208 Liters
Fuel Consumption (Methanol) 0.8 L/kW
Exhaust Composition 0.23 Methanol
99.77 Water
Waste Volume 270 ml/hr