The EFOY Pro Direct Methanol Fuel Cell (DMFC) is an intelligent methanol fuel cell. It is directly connected to the battery supplying your power consumers and automatically recharges it when necessary. The user does not need to look after anything. Remote monitoring allows the user to check that the fuel cell is working properly. The electricity generation is very efficient, quiet and maintenance-free because the process has no moving parts.

The EFOY Pro is the perfect backup system in a solar power station. The fuel cell automatically comes into operation as soon as the solar system is not able to provide enough power. This allows expensive solar systems to be of smaller dimensions and greatly increases the reliability of the system as a whole.

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EFOY Pro Accessories

The following accessories are available as part of the EFOY Pro System:

› Methanol Fuel Cartridge
› M28 Adapter
› Duo Cart Switch
› Fuel Cartridge Sensor
› Cluster Controller
› GSM Modem
› EFOY Updater
› Remote Control
› USB Adapter
› Interface Adapter
› Service Fluid

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