Remote Applications

Fuel Cells

Fuel cells offer the benefits of cost effective, reliable, efficient, autonomous, clean power to any company or industry looking to cut costs and improve performance. We only use industry leading fuel cells in each of our remote power systems, including Atrex, EFOY Pro and Oorja.

Remote Power

Remote Power Solutions

Design a complete, reliable power solution where you need it, when you need it. We provide a complete, maintenance-free off grid power supply solution. Our trailers are IP66 rated for -40°C, hybrid compatible and can be used at mobile or fixed locations.

RCMP Video Surveillance Trailer

Surveillance Equipment

We specialize in developing surveillance equipment to assist in monitoring activity of all kinds, ranging from observing active mining sites in the most remote locations to local traffic in densely populated metropolitan areas, our equipment has practical application for your need.

Mobile Comms Tower

Communication Trailers

Custom engineered communication packages.

Solar Panel

Solar & Accessories

Remote power needs are generally well served by a solar system. As an economic and environmentally responsible solution, we offer a range of solar only and hybrid options.

Built to Suit

Built to Suit

Do you have a unique power problem? Ensol Systems can work with you to design and build a custom solution that addresses all your needs.

Air Compressor

Industrial Packages

Not all field applications are the same. That's why Ensol offers a variety of industrial systems, catered to your needs.



At Ensol Systems, we work with the latest technology to develop innovative solutions for remote power, surveillance, communications and safety. Our products are used throughout the construction and oil and gas industries as well as by law enforcement agencies to save time, money and to improve safety.

Our background in R&D gives us a high degree of flexibility to develop customized solutions to meet your specific needs. Whether it is hybrid power systems using fuel cells, batteries and solar that can be pole mounted or buried, custom electrical enclosures, or finely tuned mobile surveillance and communications packages, we can develop a solution that meets your most challenging applications.